Friday, March 11, 2005

Random Rumblings

Well, here I am as I stare at another weekend full of expectation that it will be as good as the last.

No, really. I had a good weekend last weekend. I rested, partied, studied, and even caught "Be Cool." (Not a fantastic movie, but pretty funny nonetheless.) Oh, yeah, I also did some karaoke as well. (I killed with my rendition of Sinatra's "My Way.")Alas though, I did not make it to the Gun Show.

Eventhough I'm a pretty liberal guy, I grown pretty used to the same old bullshit that comes from Washington and figure that there's not much anyone can do about it. But, the recent crap flowing down the open sewer of American policy just makes me sick. Bankrupcy has now become an option for the rich, and W's is demanding that social security invested and intrustred to the wealthiest people in America. I think that's just great. The only thing that keeps us from abject poverty should be given to the people whose goal it seems is to make sure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Yay! Woo! Whippie!

Good news though. It's that time of year again. Can you say MARCH MADNESS? Okay, so it isn't tragically hip to absolutely love college basketball, but I don't give a hoot. It's amazing. Every year seems just about as exciting and full of potential as the last. Too bad my Jayhawks always seem to break my heart come tourney time. Oh well. I think that is why I like them so much.

And in other sports news, the Vikings actually look intent on winning next year. Hopefully, the defensive additions help. (Man, I haven't been able to celebrate a championship since 1991.)

In closing, I am getting tired of snow. I want spring. Now. Dammit.


Elvis Clooney said...

Hooray beer.

It works now.

Rusty said...

Yes I agree. Hooray beer.